We love sharing our dances with audiences across the New England area and beyond! Here are some of our recent (and less recent) favorites. We hope you'll subscribe to our channel, drop us some likes, and share our videos with your friends!


Our second virtual NEFFA video! Here are three of our favorite couple dances: Bourrée Droite du Pays Fort (France), Békési Páros (Hungary), and Jarabe Pateño (México). Physically distanced but together in spirit!


Mladost doesn't stop dancing, even during a pandemic! Check out this video we made for the NEFFA virtual festival in 2020.


Romanian dancing is so much fun! Here we are at the Balkan Dance Extravaganza, hosted by the Divi Zheni Women's Chorus.


Bright colors and folk dancing, what could be better? Mladost loves performing at the Holi Festival (Festival of Colors) in Lexington, MA.


We love dancing to music from all over the world. Here's our Argentinian suite, performed on the NEFFA stage.


We love our Greek suite! Here's our performance at Balkan Music Night, March 2018.


A Mladost tradition... folk dancing to the Nutcracker! The Russian dance is one of our favorites.


Israeli dancing is a blast and a half. Here's our Israeli suite performed at one of our favorite events, Dance for World Community.


One of our pop music suites, performed at the Folk Arts Center gala in March. Did you know Mladost dancers can fly??


The German favorite Kreutz Koenig, also performed at the Folk Arts Center gala. More flying!


Mladost was honored to perform this original square dance, choreographed by artistic director Andy Taylor-Blenis for the memorial of her aunt Angela


Like movie musicals and traditional dance? You'll love our Austrian suite, performed here at Cambridge RiverFest.


We love Croatian dancing and NEFFA!