Dancing Through a Pandemic

Mladost 2020–2021: Distanced But Together

When Covid hit, we were getting ready for Balkan Night 2020. When we left rehearsal on the first Sunday in March, we had no idea it was the last time we'd be in the same room together for over a year.

We started dancing on Zoom in April, and by summer, we were ready to see each other face-to-face. So, we got some rope and some tent stakes, and we set up "Zones" in the lawn. Each household had its own zone.

We danced this way through the summer and fall, then retreated to Zoom for the winter. By spring 2021 we were back outside again!

Here are some of the videos from that crazy time. 

Dancing With Dogs

Dancing while managing dogs is a long-standing Mladost tradition. Both of these sweet fur babies are now gone, but we were so lucky to have them during this time. Videoed October 2020.

Dancing in the Rain

When it's an outdoor rehearsal in summer and it starts to rain, we roll with it! This was so much fun.

Haroa Haktana Al Fresco

One of our favorite dances, a crisp fall day — can't beat it!